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Imagine Network Quality Custom TV Content and Upscale Custom Commemorative Book Publishing

Not just content, it’s modern, exciting, relevant content produced to be instantly monetized because it’s completely turnkey.

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Custom Feature TV Content

Companies wanting to be relevant crave customized content they can entertain, inform or educate their customers and audience with. That’s where we come in. We create customized TV segments that broadcast a message. We use television talent, industry leaders and expertly cast hosts. Everything we produce is turnkey, and comes with customized motion graphics packages, custom opens and music. We’ve produced over 1,000 hours of mainstream content that is consumed weekly.

Sports & Commemorative Books

Some icons and events are so big and dynamic, the only way to bring their story to the masses is the way we do it. Producing, writing, designing, printing, binding and publishing 144-page commemorative, oversized coffee table books. We capture the essence of a moment or personality that simply is larger-than-life. From the Wedding of the Century of Princess Kate and Prince William, to our recent books on Kobe Bryant and auto icon Tex Earnhardt, we make magical moments and huge personalities come to life.

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Sizzle Reels and Commercials

Imagine how much more successful your business or brand would be if future customers and fans watching it thought what you did was cool.  And sexy.  And what they need.  That’s the vibe we try to create when we produce sizzle reels for clients.  It doesn’t matter the industry, sizzle reels work because deep down every entrepreneur wants to be sexy.

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Current content highlights

Here's what we've recently cranked out...

We’re celebrating championships and icons with great fan bases, showcasing fabulous upscale resorts and hotels, and producing weekly feature TV content on nutrition, fitness, technology and fashion inside health clubs across North America.

Tom Zenner

Television Host, Anchor and Outspoken Commentator

Tom Zenner is a television anchor and personality in Phoenix.  Tom also contributes regular commentary on television sports shows. Before arriving in Phoenix, Tom was a primary sports anchor in Chicago (NBC 5), Boston (Fox 25) and Phoenix (ABC 15 & NBC 12).  For two seasons Tom was the host and emcee for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA, and he currently hosts and produces health, nutrition and fitness lifestyle content for major health club chains.

On the print and publishing side, Tom was a Contributing Editor for Maxim Magazine and Details Magazine, is a former columnist for MSNBC.com and AZCentral.com, and has written over 20 cover stories and luxury travel features as the Executive Editor for Jetset Magazine.  Tom is the author of more than 40 commemorative books on sports and pop culture events.

Broadcast Reel
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Tom Zenner

Let’s create some content

T.Z. Media Services


Feature Content
Customized Segments ready for broadcast
:30, :60 or longer, with custom open, logos and brand partner insertion.

Brand Integration Segments
Customized content spots, that utilize all aspects of sponsor partners messaging, weaved into an organic segment.

Full production of :30 or :60 commercials.

Sizzle Reels
Fast, exciting and sexy video showcases.

Custom Publishing

Coffee Table Commemorative Books

144 or 160 page, full color, over-sized coffee table books on iconic legends and major events. 

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Sports Montage
TZ Cardinals
JetSet Montage

Network quality television content and timely custom publishing

More than 1 million people see our Custom Feature TV Content WEEKLY. In 2016 we will eclipse 1 million SOLD copies of the sexy, stylish books we write, produce & publish.